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Our Story

Our family is committed to shopping, dining, and spending our fun time locally!  We wanted to create an easy way to provide feedback to the stores, restaurants, and other local businesses we enjoy in order to help them improve and succeed.  We created Shmib so that businesses could obtain customers' critical feedback without taking a public beating.

Our Vision

Our vision is to develop the easiest way possible for businesses to connect with their customers. Shmib empowers the community to raise the bar, strengthen local businesses and keep jobs local. 

Why Shmib?

Shmib is a simple database to help customers get in touch with a business. From your gas station stop to your local restaurant Shmib will help you reach out to every business. Shmib keeps a business flowing and gives everyone the power to help somebody else out. 

Customer Side
  • Give private honest feedback, suggestions, and especially praise to managers and owners to improve your experience

  • Use the photo feature to send your shmib for emphasis or fun

  • Help the community around you

  • Build up a business instead of tearing it down

  • Get on the hot list to get specials, deals, and info at your favorite establishments.

Business Side
  • Create a Shmib account (Blue Button) and let your customers know

  • Customize your questions for your business 

  • Personalize your front page with an ad, picture, or special. (change as often as you would like)

  • Shmib can be used for any occasion no matter how small the detail

  • Encourage your existing customer to give you feedback that will make your business thrive and your customer a private voice.

  • Track customer input daily whether you are on site or not.

  • Review your Charts on your Phone, Laptop, or Tablet anytime

What Makes Us Different


One bad review should not destroy your hard-earned reputation!  Our private format helps you to stay in touch with your customers and to learn their critiques and concerns in a non-confrontational way.  Your customers will appreciate your willingness to hear them - you'll earn their loyalty and their recurring business!  


Your customers can complete a Shmib in less than 20 seconds!  Shmib provides you with customer feedback, organized in simple, easy-to-understand charts that show your progress through the month, where you excel or may be falling short. Shmib helps you to succeed by allowing your customers to evaluate your business in a way that is constructive, and not public. With Shmib, you'll truly understand the daily pulse of your business -- what you're doing right, and where your business can improve.


Business Owner

"Shmib, the foundation of a successful business."


about our logo

Shmib's Logo is a kite.  A kite is like a business:  it can be hard to get off the ground, and it requires constant attention once it’s up and flying, but with the support of the wind (Shmibbers), it will continue to fly to endless heights!  

Shmib Logo

If you have any questions about how to get started and promote Shmib in your town, please leave us a message! 

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