General FAQ's:

What is a Shmib? 

  • A shmib is a review someone can send to any business privately. The point of a Shmib is to build up a business instead of hurting their reputation.

How do I know the business is getting my Shmib?

  • As of right now not every business is signed up with Shmib, but we are working on it! You can always tell your local business about Shmib. 



Business FAQ's:

How do my customers Shmib? 

  • Customers can easily use Shmib in multiple ways. 1. Download the app and submit a Shmib. 2. Go to and send in a Shmib through the customer side. 3. Using your unique web address, customers can go directly to your shmib! 

How do I use my charts?

  • The charts were developed with business owners to be easy to read and gather data from. Everything is sorted by month and what question is being asked. You can see specific dates and the shmib rating for that day.